Bamboo Bamboo Review .

So I offered to take part in the Bamboo Bamboo Review programme. As they had so much interest they offered for me to choose an item at a discounted price in order to review it after. I love the look of their products so I agreed.

As Thomas is starting to use a spoon himself I opted for the bowl and spoon set, which I chose in blue. I ordered through Amazon and delivery was quick.

On first look I did think it was going to be a bit small, however, the bowl is deceptively deep and does fit the portion sizes perfectly. I also thought the spoon head itself was quite big however again Thomas manages it really well.

The bowl and wooden part of the spoon cannot go into a dishwasher or microwave, therefore I presume it cannot be used in a steriliser either. I did use some sterilizing fluid on it, but I don’t know if this would be recommended by Bamboo Bamboo therefore you would need to check with them. However the spoon head and suction plate can be removed and cleaned. As a side note th box does state you need to rub coconut oil into the wood about once a month.

The suction pad on the bottom of the bowl is brilliant. Thomas has only been able to get it off once. But I may not have stuck it down well enough or he has the strength of the hulk. Who knows. The latter would not surprise me.

All in all. I love this product and I am ordering the fox plate straight after this. 🙌🏻.


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